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It's not the kind of thing that I like...

Na na na na naa!

21 January 1991
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Before I start, credits:
---Brushes & Textures:

My name is Meg...

My current obsessions:
~*~ Final Fantasy 9 for PS1
*~* Matt Bellamy
*~* Muse
~*~ Kaiser Chiefs
*~* Indie Rock
~*~ Laguna Loire
*~* Bishies!
~*~ DeviantArt

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Colourbars (Beware, there's lots of AC ones =P)

made by sh0wbiz

made by sh0wbiz

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Matt Bellamy is genius love

Feffiroff is love
| by donnafreak

Ricky Wilson is Cute Love

Turk Vincent is very hot love

AVALANCHE is Heroic Ecoterrorist Love

ShinRa is Oppressive Corporate Love

Kuja is Vicious Love

Rufus is Manipulative Love

Reno is Helicopter Love Yo!

Reno is Red Haired Love

Shinra are Love

Yazoo/Kadaj/Loz is More Than Brotherly Love

Advent Children is Love

Vincent Valentine is Mysterious Love

Cristiano Ronaldo is Portugese Love

Reno is Love

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